How it Works

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How it Works

Visit our Sales office

For a lifetime of holidays visit our on-site Sales office. Membership of Four Seasons Country Club can be achieved by purchasing one or more weeks in an apartment or villa (Townhouse). Purchase of membership is restricted to a specific unit number(s) and week(s); ownership provides membership of the club for fifty-two weeks of the year.

Four Seasons Country Club offers a choice of one or two bedroom apartments or two bedroom villas (townhouses). The interiors are spacious and are decorated and fitted to the highest standards. The availability at the Club can be limited in the most popular months but the sales office does offer members or potential buyers the option to place your names on our enquiry list and we will advise you should your preferred time become available.

Prices, for the purchase of weeks, vary throughout the year. Membership is in perpetuity and may be sold or bequeathed. Weeks owned can be rented out or exchanged for other resorts throughout the world by joining Interval International, an exchange company (a fee does apply).

Four Seasons Country Club is a company limited by guarantee, registered in England. The owners of the company are the members of the club. A board of directors, elected by the members, is responsible for the management of the club, with the day to day management in the hands of the General Manager. The Four Seasons Country Club’s continual commitment to improve the resort has made the club a firm favourite with our members and guests.

The sales office is located adjacent to the mini-market. 

How is membership obtained?

Membership of the Four Seasons Country Club comes with purchasing one or more weeks in an apartment or villa. There are no other means to become a member.

What is the duration of the membership?

Membership is in perpetuity.

What are the member benefits?

· Membership of the club is for 52 weeks of the year.· Member discount on rentals (this is subject to change).· Winter weeks from 44 to 12 receive a €100 voucher to spend in the restaurant & bar.· Sliding Scale discounts in the winter based on volume ownership. For this purpose the winter weeks are considered to be those between week 44 and week 9. Owners of one or two weeks will pay the full membership fee. For owners with 3 or more weeks, capped at 5, there will be a sliding scale discount based on the number of weeks owned which are as follows:• 15% for members owning 3 weeks• 20% for members owning 4 weeks• 25% for members owning 5 weeks or more.· Purchasing the right to occupy a certain villa and week secures your future holidays in the villa of your choice at the time you prefer.· Special rates and packages on Quinta do Lago North and South, with discounts on buggies, trolleys and electric trolleys.· Discounted rates on all Algarve courses. · Special events throughout the year, for example: Wine tastings, Food and wine pairing dinners, Music evenings etc.· Discounted sports facilities.· Great value in the restaurant and bar.· Special rates with VDL rent a car, VDL Bikes and Executive transfers.

Can we choose the day of arrival?

· No, certain villas have certain change over days.· Units 1-28 the check in day is always Saturday.· Units 29 – 62 the check in day is always Sunday.· Units 63 – 96 the check in day is always Thursday.

Are there any legal costs?

There are no legal costs. There is a fee to amend the register which incurs a charge of £50 or €60.00.

In how many names can the week be registered in?

· On a 1 bedroom unit, up to four names are allowed but they must be from the same family.· On a 2 bedroom unit, up to six names are allowed but from a maximum of up to two different families.· All members must be over 18.

Are members allowed to bring guests in to use the club?

A member is allowed to bring in up to a maximum 4 guests at any one time. However, this is per membership, not per member. When bringing guests to the club the member must remain at the club with the guest(s) at all times.

Does the membership fee go up every year?

Not necessarily. Various factors influence the membership fees and any increase necessary. Fees are set in euros.

Can the membership be terminated?

Membership can be terminated by selling the week or by resigning the membership at any time so long as there are no debts outstanding to the club. Any change to the ownership of the week requires the completion of a Form of Nomination, which is available from the club.

Do we pay to use some of the facilities?

In order to control bookings and usage there is nominal charge for the use of some of the facilities.

Is a commission charged when selling?

When selling through the club, a standard rate of 15% is charged except in the following situations:a) Selling prices in excess of £10,000 - the 1st £10,000 is at 15% with then 7.5% on everything over and above £10,000.b) If selling to re-buy, at the same time, the commission on the sale is 10%. c) If you sell and re-buy at the same time and the sale amount exceeds £25 000, the commission will be 10% on the 1st £25,000 (sterling) and 5% on everything over and above the £25,000.

Can family members be changed or added?

Changes can be made to the membership and the only cost involved is for the amendment to the register, £50 or €60. However, the rules regarding the number of members per unit will always apply. On a one bedroom - up to 4 members from the same family and on a two bedroom – up to 6 members from up to two different families.

What happens if I do not pay my membership fee?

If you do not pay your membership fee, your membership will be suspended (Rule 7). After two years on non-payment the membership would be cancelled (Rule 8). If your membership is cancelled you are deemed to have resigned as a member and will have no further rights regarding your week.

How often are the villas cleaned?

There is daily maid service, with the exception of Portuguese Public Holidays. However, where two public holidays fall in the same week cleaning services are only suspended on one of them.